The Kamakura Print Collection, Photogravure Etchings by Peter Miller


About Photogravure – Interior with Photogravure

生活と共にあるアート − フォトグラビュールのあるインテリア



Art you can live with — photogravure etchings in residences

Photogravure etchings from The Kamakura Print Collection add an intriguing accent to many interiors. Most are printed with Carbon Black inks, some with Orient Blue, Payne’s Grey, Burnt Umber, and Sepia inks; and one with Laque de Garance ink (see if you can find it). The colors are light-fast for at least as long as etchings and engravings have been made — since the 15th century. An infinite variety of tones and textures from hand-made papers and Japanese washi reward continuous viewing.

Residence, Rancho Santa Fe, California. 作品は左から時計回りに、Prints shown, from left, clockwise, are: Ryukoji(竜口寺), Bamboo Story(竹取物語), Meigetsuin(明月院), Snow Garden(雪園). Click any print to see full-screen.

Residence, New York; print shown: Hokokuji(報国寺).

Dining room, Kamakura, Japan; prints shown: Potato Moons, Garlic Nebula, Taro Couple 1, Taro Couple 2.

Bedroom, Kamakura, Japan; print shown: Komyoji Snow Garden

Livingroom, New York; prints shown: Ogatama-2, Westwind.

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