Timeline of U.S. Political Transformation, Prelude 2001 – 2010

Placing delayed revelations in their actual time-sequence reveals the U.S. election fraud of 2020 growing out of Hugo Chavez’s software investment in 2004, Chinese military advances derived from their hack of DOD in 2007, alliances between spies and an ambitious political candidate dating back to 2008, and the beginnings of a failed campaign to take down the Hezbollah international drug-trafficking empire.

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§1. 9/11 and Its Aftermath, 2000 – 2007

[Much of today’s dissolution grew out of actions and policies little-noted when they occurred, decades earlier. They were either not newsworthy, not salient to people other than those ‘in the know’, or intentionally concealed for fear of the negative reaction they would provoke.]

[Long gaps between action and consequence lead to collective amnesia, a sort of brain-fog about how things came to be the way they are. That in turn induces passive acceptance, as if current circumstances were not contingent on prior causes. So here in the early 2000s, visible but unappreciated, are several of the features of contemporary life that loom so large now — mass surveillance, election fraud, and Chinese espionage.]


Dec 14, 1999: Port Angeles (Washington) Customs Inspector Diana Dean thwarts Al Qaida plan to blow up Los Angeles airport by questioning Algerian terrorist Ahmed Ressam, part of a sleeper cell based in Canada.

Jan 28, 2000: An application for a patent on a spike protein virus vaccine for canine coronavirus is filed with the U.S. Patent Office.

2001: Patent attorney David Martin’s firm publishes a report warning of the dangers posed by the use of coronavirus as a vaccine vector also being used, with no modification needed, as a bio-weapon. || Source

Sept 11, 2001: Airline ticket agent Michael Tuohey checks Mohammed Atta onto Flight 11. Tuohey later recalls ‘I said to myself, ‘If this guy doesn’t look like an Arab terrorist, then nothing does‘. But he lets the terrorists board without any enhanced security screening: ‘I gave myself a mental slap, because in this day and age, it’s not nice to say things like this. You’ve checked in hundreds of Arabs and Hindus and Sikhs, and you’ve never done that. I felt kind of embarrassed.‘ || Source: John Schindler, Top Secret Umbra topsecretumbra@substack.com

Sept 11, 2001: Islamists commanded by Osama Bin Laden hijack four passenger planes, flying three of them into the two towers of the World Trade Center in New York, and one of them into the Pentagon in Washington DC. Passengers take control of the fourth plane and crash it into the ground in southwest Pennsylvania before it could reach its intended target, the White House. An FBI field office had previously sent a report of Saudi Arabian students at a flight school in Minnesota seeking instruction in taking off but not landing an airplane. FBI Headquarters ignored the report. More than 3,000 people are killed in the 9/11 attacks.

Oct 4, 2001: In response to 9/11 attack, U.S. Govt authorizes spy agencies to do warrantless mass surveillance, that is, to spy on ordinary citizens without obtaining a warrant stating a reason or ‘probable cause’ of suspicion, in effect repealing the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. In 2002, the first full year of operation, the total number of people in the U.S. subject to such surveillance is 500 or less. || Source

April 19, 2002: National Institute of Allergic and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Dir Anthony Fauci, and Christopher M Curtis, Boyd Young and Ralph Baric apply for patent on a recombinant (chimeric) DNA means of producing an infectious replication-defective coronavirus specifically targeted for human lung epithelium. The 2002 patent application specifies the ACE-2 binding domain for the S-1 spike protein, exactly as it later came to be known in SARS-CoV2. The pathogen had been created by Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, under NIH NIAID Grant #GM63228. NIAID exercises the U.S. Government’s ‘march-in’ right to acquire ownership of any research it funds. The patent on this pathogen is later granted as U.S. Patent #727-9327. Dr. Shi Zhengli and Wuhan Virology Institute colleagues increase infectivity by combining an HIV pseudovirus with SARS-CoV-1. || Source

2003: Russian oligarch, aluminum magnate, and Putin associate Oleg Deripaska retains law firm Alston & Bird, where Johnathan Winer is a partner. Putin seeks major share of world uranium resources. Winer later joins State Dept, acts as conduit for dossier prepared by British ex-spy Christopher Steele.

April 25, 2003: U.S. Patent Office rejects, for lack of novelty, a CDC application seeking to patent the SARS coronavirus genome. 35 U.S.Code § 101 prohibits issuance of a patent for a naturally occurring substance.

April 28, 2003: Sequoia Pharmaceuticals, whose holdings are later acquired by Pfizer and J&J, applies for a patent on ‘antiviral agents of treatment and control of infections by coronavirus’. || Source

March 10, 2004: With the warrantless spying program (called ‘Stellar Wind’) set to expire, and Attorney General Ashcroft in hospital in intensive care, Acting Attorney General James Comey and FBI Director Robert Mueller threaten to resign rather than approve an extension. Ashcroft, Comey, and Mueller all state their belief that the ‘Stellar Wind’ component on Internet metadata violates the Constitution. They inform President George W Bush that a mass resignation of DOJ lawyers would ensue, imperiling his re-election later in the year. Bush extends the program without the metadata component, over the objections of VP Cheney, averting any resignations. A secret FISA Court decision re-approves Internet metadata spying in June 2004. || Source: George W Bush, Decision Points, and Source

May 28, 2004: Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez buys 28 percent share of Bizta, a venture developer of voting machine software.

Jan 2005: Hunter Biden, Chris Heinz, and Devon Archer establish Rosemont Capital. The firm is named after a Heinz family estate in Sewickley Pennsylvania. Heinz, heir to the food-processing conglomerate, supplies the capital, is the step-son of Senator John Kerry.

March 2005: Smartmatic purchases Sequoia Voting Systems for $16 million.

Nov 2005: CIA veteran John Brennan appointed CEO of The Analysis Corp (TAC), whose products are pattern recognition and data mining software for U.S. Government’s terrorist watchlist database called TIPOFF.

Dec 2005: Eric Lichtblau and James Risen reveal in New York Times the ‘Stellar Wind’ program of unconstitutional warrantless domestic spying and unauthorized NSA collection of Internet metadata, which had been in operation since Oct 2001. || Source

2006: Oleg Deripaska agrees to pay $10 million annual compensation to Paul Manafort to improve Putin image in U.S. Payments continue through 2009.

May 4, 2006: Rep Carolyn Maloney (D, NY) writes to Treasury Secretary John Snow, asking whether Venezuelan company Smartmatic had complied with CFIUS regulations in its acquisition of Sequoia, a U.S. voting machine company. ‘As you can imagine, having a foreign government investing in or owning a company that supplies voting machines for U.S. elections could raise concerns over the integrity of elections conducted with these machines.

Aug 2006: Hunter Biden and uncle James Biden purchase hedge fund Paradigm Global Advisors. James Biden tells employees Don’t worry about investors. We’ve got people all around the world who want to invest in Joe Biden. Non-U.S. persons could provide money to such companies without campaign-finance or foreign-agent reporting requirements. || Source ; Independent CPAs Briggs, Bunting & Dougherty report to SEC on July 25, 2008, cites Paradigm for ‘failure to reconcile reimbursements, cash accounts, and other accounts’. || Source

October 29, 2006: Smartmatic and Sequoia Voting Systems deny Venezuelan Govt ownership, seek CFIUS review, claim no national security risk and no substantiated allegations of tampering with voting results.

Oct 31, 2006: San Francisco Mayor (later California Governor) Gavin Newsom installs Dominion voting machines in SF. || Source

2007: Hackers from Chinese military unit Technical Reconnaissance Bureau, in Chengdu, on behalf of China’s Aviation Industry Company (AVIC), hack into DOD and contractors’ computer systems, stealing 50 terabytes of data on U.S. F-35 aircraft design, including engine schematics, radar, electro-optical system for missile warning, navigation support, and night operations, turbine cooling system, engine heat reduction, and other elements of stealth design. According to NSA estimates, Chinese hackers conducted more than 30,000 cyber attacks into DOD and contractors including Lockheed Martin and Norhtrup Grumman. AVIC subsidiary Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group uses the stolen data to design and build the J-20. Photos posted on Chinese military forums on Jan 17, 2014 show the J-20 with F-35 features. || Sources: Snowden files and Source1 , Source2

June 8, 2007: DOD contracts with Dynology to help U.S. military graduate from dropping leaflets from airplanes to micro-targeting psychological warfare via social-media. Dynology, headed by Gen James Jones, develops methods of influencing groups politically according to their religion, ethnicity, demographic profile, anxiety, and personal background, and retains these algorithms for later commercial use.

Sept 5, 2007: Hunter Biden and James Bulger establish Thornton, a government relations consultancy specializing in U.S. ties with China. Taiwan-born, Yale-educated Michael Lin also participates in Thornton.

Oct 25, 2007: By Executive Orders 13224 and 13382, State Department designates Qassem Soleimani and Quds Force (Iranian-trained militia) and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as terrorists. Treasury designates IRGC-Qods Force under E.O. 13224 for providing material support to the Taliban and other terrorist organizations, and Iran’s state-owned Bank Saderat as a terrorist financier. || Source

§2. Monetization of U.S. Foreign Policy, 2008 – 2010

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[With the prospect of a Constitutionally impaired president, the spy agencies vastly expanded the reach of their surveillance and the scope of their influence. Future CIA Director John Brennan and future President Barack Obama formed an alliance whose first overt act was the cleansing of the latter’s passport records. This was followed by legislation repealing the Constitutional protection against ‘unreasonable searches and seizures’, while the U.S. economy was in full meltdown after the bankruptcies of the fourth- and fifth-largest investment banks. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) courts established by the stealth legislation later operated as a parallel though secret Supreme Court, enabling illegal investigations by the FBI on its own initiative, driven by its officials’ personal biases and political preferences.]

[These years also saw atomic deal-making with Russia in which the national security of the United States was secretly exchanged for donations to a personal political foundation. When later revealed, these deals proved extremely embarrassing, though prosecution was averted. Treasonous relations with Russia were later attributed to another person first by fabricating evidence, then reifying the fabrications by having the spy agencies solemnly pore over the suspicious details contrived for their investigation. Even the purported details from a widely circulated ‘dossier’ were provided by a ‘sub-source’, one Igor Danchenko, an employee of the Brookings Institution who had offered jobs in the incoming Obama Administration to his co-workers. Future Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein was acquainted with him by virtue of having arrested and prosecuted him for disorderly behavior in public. Federal officials considered ‘the consent of the governed’ subordinate to a ‘higher calling’ to use newly-available mass-surveillance resources for their own political purposes. The Russia story that first took shape during these years unraveled a decade later, having served its purpose, while far more ruinous penetration of the U.S. government by Chinese spies remained unreported.]

[During these same years, as revealed more than a decade later, Chinese Government agencies paid billions of dollars to the family of the then Vice-President, in exchange for official non-prosecution of illicit technology transfers through industrial espionage. The timeline grants us retrospective foresight by placing these later-revealed consequences in the actual order they occurred.]

[Organizing a new Administration typically takes one-and-a-half to two years. During that initial period, some agencies not ‘in synch’ with policies that cannot be discussed in public continue operating as before. So it was with the Drug Enforcement Administration, whose officials thought they were supposed to round up drug smugglers. They launched an investigation of Hezbollah’s billion-dollar drug-smuggling empire, unaware that the entire investigation would fall victim to a nuclear deal with Iran.]


2008: Johnathan Winer joins APCO, a lobbying and political influence firm.


March 14, 2008: A contract employee of TAC, formerly a retired State Department employee, gains unauthorized access to the passport records of Barack Obama, John McCain, and Hillary Clinton. Neither the employee nor the motive are identified or investigated. The passport files may have contained original copies of birth certificates and records of Obama’s 1981 travel to Pakistan. Source: State Dept Inspector General’s Report.

March 16, 2008: Bear Stearns, the 5th-largest investment bank in the U.S., collapses, bankrupt, and is taken over by JP Morgan Chase for the fire-sale price of two dollars per share.


April 19, 2008: Police find Lt Quarles Harris Jr, 24, shot dead in a car in Northeast Washington DC. Harris had cooperated with federal investigation into March 14 breach of State Dept passport files. || Source

June 2008: Obama campaign releases short-form birth Certificate.

July 10, 2008: Congress passes Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), authorizing National Security Agency (NSA) under Section 702, operating inside the United States, to collect communications of foreigners overseas for foreign intelligence purposes without a warrant. The law (110-261) substitutes a general warrant from the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court for the individual warrant required by the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment prohibition of ‘unreasonable searches and seizures’. Because this surveillance inevitably sweeps in domestic communications, NSA is required to minimize such collections by defining its search queries as narrowly as possible. || Source

Aug 2008: Former Pennsylvania Deputy Attorney General Philip Berg sues in Federal District Court to obtain Obama birth certificate. || Source

2008: DEA launches Project Cassandra to investigate Hezbollah’s and Iran’s billion-dollar drug and weapons trafficking organization. DOJ refuses to prosecute Hezbollah’s Iran envoy Abdallah Safieddine for drug trafficking. Obama Admin refuses to designate Hezbollah a ‘significant transnational criminal organization’, due to prioritizing of nuclear deal with Iran. || Source

Aug 23, 2008: Joe Biden named as Democrat candidate for Vice-President.

Sept 15, 2008: Lehman Brothers, 4th-largest U.S. investment bank, goes bankrupt, starting an international credit freeze-up, meltdown of the U.S. economy, and insolvency of major commercial banks and insurers. Bankruptcy of ‘too-big-to-fail’ financial institutions is only averted by transferring newly issued Federal Reserve currency, at taxpayers’ expense, to them.

Oct 2008: John Brennan’s The Analysis Corporation (TAC), CGI, and Global Strategies Group consult for Illinois Sen Barack Obama on Internet influence operations.

Nov 2008: Brookings employee Igor Danchenko, later identified as the primary source for the Steele dossier, offers two Brookings co-workers that if they ‘did get a job in the government and had access to classified information, and wanted to make a little extra money’, Danchenko knew some people to whom they could speak. This offer by a possible Russian spy is reported to FBI several months later. Source: FBI Overview of the Counterintelligence Investigation of Christopher Steele’s Primary Sub-source, declassified Sept 23, 2020.

Nov 4, 2008: Barack Obama elected President, Joe Biden elected Vice-President.

2008 – 2010: Canadian mining company Uranium One seeks to ensure validity of its mining licenses in Kazakhstan, following arrest of Kazatomprom President who granted the licenses. Chairman Ian Telfer and former Ur-Asia investor Frank Giustra donate $8.65 million to Clinton Foundation. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton accompanies them to Kazakhstan.

2009: FBI begins investigation of Transport Logistics International for $2 Million bribery in and money laundering in relation to transportation of Russia’s uranium around the United States. Robert Mueller is FBI Director.

2009 – Jan 2012: Rosatom Tenex head Vadim Mikerin ‘did knowingly and willfully combine, conspire confederate and agree with other persons… to obstruct, delay and affect commerce and the movement of an article and commodity (enriched uranium) in commerce by extortion’. FBI in 2009 collects eyewitness evidence backed by documents, of money-laundering, blackmail and bribery by Russian nuclear officials, all aimed at growing Vladimir Putin’s atomic-energy business inside the United States in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Mikerin pleads guilty in U.S. court in 2014 to orchestrating more than $2 million in bribe payments through shadowy accounts in Cyprus, Latvia, and Switzerland. || Source and Nov 2014 indictment

2009: Rosatom subsidiary ARMZ acquires 17% stake in Uranium One; they seek an initial Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CFIUS) review.

2009: President Obama appoints former Muslim Brotherhood official Aimen Mir as CFIUS Staff Chair.

2009: FBI Director Robert Mueller and agent Andrew McCabe request assistance of Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska to retrieve former FBI officer and CIA resource Robert Levinson who was captured in Iran in 2007. Deripaska spends $25 million of his own funds but fails, due to State Department backing out. || Source

June 4, 2009: President Obama apologizes at Cairo University for colonialism and for the U.S. slighting Muslim interests in pursuit of Cold War rivalry, attributes 9/11 attacks to extremists ‘exploiting these tensions’. || Source


June 10, 2009: U.S. Sec State Clinton meets with Kazakh dictator Nazarbayev to secure Uranium One’s ownership of uranium in Kazakhstan after arrest of Kazatomprom President Moukhtar Dzhakishev, the official responsible for selling the uranium mining rights to Giustra’s company. Rosatom subsidiary completes acquisition of 17 percent of Uranium One.


June 25 2009: Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz form Rosemont Seneca, which partners with the Thornton Group run by Devon Archer, and the Bank of China, to form Bohai Harvest RST (BHR) in China. Devon Archer is the nephew of Whitey Bulger, head of the Boston Irish mafia who received federal protection under FBI Director Robert Mueller as an informant.

Sept 15, 2009: NSA and Britain’s GCHQ agree to share data, surveillance assets, and conclusions.

Oct 4, 2009: U.S. citizen Allen Ho, under direction of China General Nuclear, seeks assistance of U.S. nuclear scientists surreptitiously to enable China to design and manufacture its own nuclear instrumentation systems. Hunter Biden’s BHR later invests in China General Nuclear (CGN) in Dec 2014. || Source: DOJ indictment April 14, 2016

Nov 27, 2009: First kickback payment by Mikerin to trucking company for transport of enriched uranium documented by FBI.

April 2010: APCO (Johnathan Winer) executes contract with Rosatom to ‘create and promote a new image of State Atomic Energy corporation Rosatom supporting the interests of Rosatom in the USA’, and to overcome ‘existing political and trade barriers’.


June 2010: Rosatom, via ARMZ, seeks 51 percent ownership in Uranium One, which requires CFIUS approval. Uranium One Chair Telfer donates additional $250,000 to Clinton Foundation while CFIUS review pending.

June 29, 2010: Bill Clinton delivers speech at Renaissance Capital in Moscow, receives $500,000. || Source


A Timeline of 21st-century U.S. Political Transformation

Perhaps this timeline will help dispel the collective amnesia, the tendency to tune-out, that engulfs everyone who tries to make sense of what goes on from day to day.

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Our knowledge of significant events comes to us in reverse order to their actual occurrence. First something unexpected bursts upon the scene — a war, a political upset, a plague, a terror attack, an economic collapse. Then we learn a little background information. The belligerent parties were already at each others’ throats, the economy had been teetering on the edge of collapse for years, sleeper cells had been lying in wait undetected. Inconvenient facts emerge, implicating people responsible for preventing the very calamity that occurred. Trivial details ‘hiding in plain sight’ take on new salience. Records of cash transactions, secret communications, confidential meetings, travel documents are revealed. Lawsuits, legislative hearings, and FOIA requests extract more information in mind-numbing detail. Recognition-seekers boast about their roles. Conspirators have a falling-out, and blab. Finally a pattern falls into place, or if not a fully coherent pattern, at least a perspective that suggests where to look for answers. [Continued here]



§1. 9/11 and Its Aftermath, 2000 – 2007

§2. Monetization of U.S. Foreign Policy, 2008 – June 2010

§3. A Secret Alliance, August 2010 – March 2013

§4. Making Enemies, April 2013 – December 2015

§5. Perfidious Albion and the Walrus, January – June 2016

§6a. The Insurance Policy, Pre-Election, July – November 2016

§6b. The Insurance Policy, Post-Election, November 2016 – January 2017

§7a. A Higher Calling, January – June 2017

§7b. The Sino-Sinecure and Secret Courts, July – Dec 2017

§7c. The Bat Lady and Other Precursors, January – December 2018

§8. Trial and Error, January – December 2019

§9a. Hijacking the Presidency, January – June 2020

§9b. Hijacking the Presidency, June – October 2020

§9c. Hijacking the Presidency, November 2020 – January 2021