The Kamakura Print Collection, Photogravure Etchings by Peter Miller

La Vivonne ヴィヴォンヌ

Like the Japanese game of arranging colored papers in water so that they resemble faces or houses, all the flowers of our garden, the water-lilies of the Vivonne, and the good people of the village, and their children, all were conjured into form and being from my cup of tea.’

ID 131 「La Vivonne(ヴィヴォンヌ)」
作品サイズ W 17 cm × H 23 cm | 用紙サイズ W 38 cm × H 28 cm | インク Cool black


Categories:1. Paper・紙: Magnani・マニャ二, 2. Series・シリーズ: Memory・思い出, 3. Mood・気持: Reflective・沈痛, 4. Texture・地肌: Linear・線, 5. Place・所: France・フランス


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