The Kamakura Print Collection, Photogravure Etchings by Peter Miller

Under the Glacier, Sukhait 氷河の下

The Sukhait glacier is a landmark for several days of riding, visible during the ascent of the pass to the right and then from the serpentine descent.

ID 198 「Under the Glacier, Sukhait(氷河の下)」

撮影場所 Mongolia
作品サイズ W 26 cm × H 20 cm | 用紙サイズ W 38 cm × H 28 cm |
  インク Burnt Umber | ※購入について


Categories:26 x 19, Are We There Yet?, Burnt Umber ・ 茶, Expansive, Lana Gravure ・ ラナ, Reflective, Rough ・ 凸凹, Summer ・ 夏

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