The Kamakura Print Collection, Photogravure Etchings by Peter Miller

Under the Glacier, Sukhait 氷河の下

The Sukhait glacier is a landmark for several days of riding, visible during the ascent of the pass to the right and then from the serpentine descent.

ID 198 「Under the Glacier, Sukhait(氷河の下)」
作品サイズ W 26 cm × H 20 cm | 用紙サイズ W 38 cm × H 28 cm | インク Burnt Umber


Categories:1. Paper・紙: Lana Gravure・ラナ, 3. Mood・気持: Expansive・広々, 3. Mood・気持: Reflective・沈痛, 4. Texture・地肌: Rough・凸凹, 6.19 Exh: Are We There Yet?, 2015


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