The Kamakura Print Collection, Photogravure Etchings by Peter Miller


The river, a deafening torrent at the base of the valley, is silent at this height, while terraced fields follow the incredibly steep contours of its slopes.

ID 247 「Earthfolds」
作品サイズ W 26 cm × H 35 cm | 用紙サイズ W 38 cm × H 47 cm | インク Carbon black


Categories:1. Paper・紙: Fabriano・ファブリアーノ, 2. Series・シリーズ: Beyond・向こう, 3. Mood・気持: Dynamic, 4. Texture・地肌: Rhythmic・調子のよい, 5. Place・所: Nepal・ネパール, 6.12 Exh: Five Elements, 2018


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