The Kamakura Print Collection, Photogravure Etchings by Peter Miller

Kamakura's Way, Part 2 (日本語) ▼


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Accidental Discoveries and Unexpected Pleasures: the art and craft of photogravure etching.   偶然な世界、日本語のバージョン (日本語)  

Video from a visit to Nara: Visiting Nara and Yoshino Again for the First Time

Plaisirs inattendus, l'art de la gravure; exposition des gravures de la Mongolie par Peter Miller à Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire, France; entretien avec Mireille Turquois, Secrétaire de l'Association Touraine-Mongolie, et vernissage, Manoir du Tour, Saint Cyr-sur-Loire (en français)

Comments on Peter Miller photogravures by Olga Zotova, Far East University of Vladivostok, and by Alex Gorodny, Director of Artetage Museum of Modern Art, Vladivostok-TV (in Russian)

'My Japanese Life', interview on NHK (日本語)

'Kamakura's Way', Part 1: An introduction to Kamakura's history, culture, and Buddhist lore through visits to its temples and ancient pathways (日本語)

'Kamakura's Way', Part 3: Etching and printing a photogravure copperplate in Peter Miller's workshop; Zen as part of everyday life, discussed by the Buddhist priest at Engakuji before a zazen session from which one emerges light-hearted (日本語)

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