The Kamakura Print Collection, Photogravure Etchings by Peter Miller: Art you can live with

Photogravure etchings from The Kamakura Print Collection transform a room into an oasis of contemplation.

Dining area with Discovery; Artichokes in background

With Cote Sauvage and Monte Penna

Get Carried Away at night (left), wake up to Morning Glory(right)

Nook with bamboo -- Three Friends, Hokokuji, Bamboo Story

With Time and Time Again

Tokonoma (alcove) with with Mind the Gap

Moonlit bedroom, California:

With Ryukoji and Meigetsuin

Residence, New York, with: Hokokuji.

Roots in space:

Dining room, Kamakura, Japan, with: Potato Moons, Garlic Nebula

Bedroom, Kamakura, Japan, with: Komyoji Snow Garden

Livingroom, New York, with: Ogatama-2 and Westwind.

See for yourself!

Office interiors here.

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Galleries where photogravure etchings from The Kamakura Print Collection may be seen and purchased:

Baltimore: Conrad R Graeber Fine Art, Box 264, Riderwood, Md, U.S.A., tel +1-410-377-6713
San Francisco: Japonesque, 824 Montgomery Street, SF, Ca, U.S.A., tel +1-415 391-8860
Netherlands: Eric van den Ing, Saru Gallery, tel: +31(0)6-2246-4074.
Moscow: Lumiere Brothers Center, 119072, Red October, Bolotnaya emb 3 b. 1, Moscow, Russia, 119072), tel +7-968-451-4019
Vladivostok: Arka Gallery, 5 Svetlanskaya St, Vladivostok, Russia, tel +7-4232-410-526


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