>The Kamakura Print Collection, Photogravure Etchings by Peter Miller

<i>Dappled Things</i>

Dappled Things pairs the poetry of Robin Chapman with the photogravures of Peter Miller. There are 23 of each, in a lavishly printed portfolio-book designed by Roman Kames in Paris, and printed on 200-gram Tintoretto paper by Imprimerie Daniel in Prague. 58 pages, portfolio in blue slipcase, 22 x 22 cm, ISBN: 978-2-908120-28-8.

Prints in Dappled Things: Reach for the Sky, Carried Away, Turning Point, Bramble-8, Grainwaves, River of Light, Secret Sympathies, Morning Glory, Oze Summer, Ozenuma, Tidings, Arc of Time, Best Wishes, Potato Moons, Beyond the Sunset, Leaf-whispers, Interlude, Yukinoshita-2, Fermentation, Night Snow, Waking the Gods, First Light, Wave-Embraced.

Poems by Robin Chapman in Dappled Things: Glory Be, Dappled Things, Couple-Color, Rose, Moles, Stipple, Trout, Fire, Finches' Wings, Pieced, Fold, Trades, Counter, Spare, Fickle Freckled, Who Knows How, Swift Slow, Sweet Sour, Adazzle, He Fathers Forth, Past Change, Praise (paired with the prints above in the same order)

The portfolio book Clairvoyant, published by Revue K in connection with the 2012 exhibition of photogravure etchings by Peter Miller in France, includes 14 beautifully printed images from the exhibition. Designed by the distinguished artist and publisher Roman Kames in Paris, and printed in Prague on 200-gram Tintoretto paper, Clairvoyant includes 14 elegantly printed images from photogravure etchings by Peter Miller, and an introductory essay by art philosopher Marie Parra-Aledo. 22 x 22 cm, 20 pages, ISBN: 978-2-908120-25-7



Prints in Clairvoyant: Morning Glory; Broth of Life; Catch of the Day; Second Spring; Bramble-7; Swirl; Pentagram; Vanished Stars; Beyond the Pales Glow; Roofwork; Grainwaves; Breath of Life; Cote Sauvage; Bygones.

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